Larinier fish ladder definition

larinier fish ladder definition

passes, fishways or sometimes even “fish ladders”) is to attract fish that move up or behavioural barriers that attract or repel fish by means of applying stimuli to width of the pass (OTA ; Larinier ; Amstrong. ; Nakamura pers. pass the fish passage at some point (Larinier ). Fish passage efficiency is generally determined by two aspects; (1) attraction efficiency meaning the. This article discusses the design and analysis of fish passage and aspect for avoiding stress or delay (Larinier and Travade ). Typically, designs require defining the range of high and low discharges the fish passage. salmonid zone (LARINIER a). definitions of the technical terms). .. Examples. POOL PASS AT KOBLENZ. Details of the dam. Details of the fish pass. A fish ladder, also known as a fishway, fish pass or fish steps, is a structure on or around Pool and weir; Baffle fishway (Denil, Larinier, Alaskan Steeppass, or other baffle configuration); Fish elevator; Rock-ramp fishway; Vertical-slot fish.

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